Diabetes Networks

Proven to Stop and Reverse Diabetes Complications

Even on the most severely ill Patients. ...

Diabetes Network offers Microburst Insulin Infusion centers dedicated to helping patients suffering from improper resting carbohydrate metabolism, which is diabetes. Patients lives have been devistated by this disease, but after being treated through Artificial Pancrease, they are restored. Diabetes Network Members offer increadable freedom from horrible diabetic complicates .  We can’t wait to see what you will do with your new life!


1Diabetes is a debilitating disease of improper carbohydrate metabolism, leading to multiple complications.
2Artificial Pancreas Treatment® (APT) has been given more than 200,000 times without any adverse reactions, injuries or equipment failures, and requires no warnings of side effects.
3The Bionica Microdose used to deliver APT is cleared by the US FDA and other countries without failures, recalls, claims or negative outcomes.
4APT has successfully stopped and reversed the many complications of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, because APT restores proper carbohydrate metabolism, the core problem of diabetes.
5After APT treatment, patients regain the proper levels of ATP (cellular energy) which helps cells to repair and follow the DNA encoded good cellular health.

Now patients can restore good health, and families reduce the impact of diabetes.