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Artificial Pancreas Treatment

The Artificial Pancreas Treatment® is a treatment using an FDA cleared IV infusion device as part of the system.  "The treatment effectively mimics the way a healthy pancreas excretes insulin in pulses. It results in normalized carbohydrate and lipid metabolism."

Addressing the core problem of metabolism, it stops the complications of diabetes, and the tissues heal themselves.

It needs only be used 4 times to 2 times a month to achieve these results. 

The beauty of the Artificial Pancreas Treatment® is that it only provides what a normal pancreas provides to a normal liver, the stimulation needed for the liver to produce the enzymes necessary for proper resting metabolism. 

The results of this treatment are nothing short of amazing.  Certainly they are unique in diabetes.  Now, patients who have serious complications can stimulate their own cells to heal themselves, and reverse complications.  

Neuropathy and Nervous System Diseases:  Patients can expect to reverse neuropathy to approximately 5 years prior to treatment. If they could feel their feet five years ago they should be able to feel their feet again. Gastroparesis is a form of neuropathy so many patients have seen relief here. Increased sexual feeling and function is also a benefit of increasing circulation

Amputations and Wounds:  Virtually all amputations which are not imminent can be avoided because almost all wounds begin to heal.

Blindness:  Retinal laser therapy is typically not necessary for patient with diabetic neuropathy within 5 months of starting the treatment and overall eyesight improves dramatically. 

Heart Disease:Patients with diabetic cardiomyopathy can expect to reverse their lost ejection fractions, living normal lives.

Stroke & High Blood Pressure: Virtually all patients will reduce hypertension, a leading cause of stroke. 

Kidney Disease: Patients with as little as 33% function should never progress to dialysis while using the Artificial Pancreas Treatment.  Many patients with more than 50% of kidney function should experience kidney improvements.